Agave Nectar

The sweet and delicious nectar from the Agave plant, also known as Agave syrup comes from the juice of the agave cactus plant. Indigenous people traditionally gathered the juice and used it as a sweetener. The agave nectar that we use today, is farmed in a sustainable manner such that, the plant is left in the ground to regenerate for the next season. This makes agave a renewable resource, which further enhances the sweetness of this amazing plant.

Agave nectar is slightly sweeter than sugar, close in intensity in terms of sweetness to maple syrup. It has a light, fruity flavor that is mild enough to "Enhance", rather than overpower flavor wise. The syrup is low on the glycemic index making it an ideal choice for those regulating blood sugar levels. It absorbs slowly into the blood stream, degreasing the highs and lows associated with sugar levels. It is unprocessed and therefore provides vitamins and minerals not found in processed sweeteners. It does not crystallize, harden nor does it require refrigeration. Quite stable, agave has a shelf life of three years.

Used as a sweetener in your hot or iced teas, agave nectar enhances the flavors to remarkable heights. Agave dissolves easily in both hot and iced teas, and can be used as a sugar substitute in most recipes. Use 25% less than you would sugar, 3/4 cup of agave equals 1 cup of sugar. It takes 2/3 cup of agave to sweeten a gallon of iced tea.

From our cup to yours, keep it steeping!